Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Creative commons project

As per usual I was thinking about writing, doing some writing in my head last night.  In the last little while I've stumbled upon a TON of excellent creative commons stuff.  So much so that I'm starting to feel a Open CC project coming on.  A few things first about Creative Commons and RPG's (at least this is my opinion).

  • The system would either have to be system neutral, or a new system that would then also be Open CC for anyone else to use.  Or possibly something like Open d6, mini6 
  • The world would be open, and other people could write for it, provided that they themselves release under open CC.  
  • The title would not be pay what you want, or have any $ value to it.  I would of course put it up as a free download. 
  • The note taking would be immense.  Any open CC material I find would have to be stated as such within the text.  Not really an issue, but its about book keeping - find something cool write that shit down. now. 
As far as links are concerned, here are a BUNCH! 

Free Fantasy Maps - There are some super awesome ones here. 

Openclipart - You have to dig, but there's some great stuff here as well. 

Dyson Logos Commercial Maps - Licensed under CC 

Open Adventure - I have to check to see if this is actually CC or not. .

And of course you can find some amazing artwork at

All of the above could get us started on something crazy big! 

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