Thursday, January 1, 2015

Dungeon Artwork Random Table

Determine Type Of Artwork - roll 1d10

1  Crudely hand painted
2  Fine art water color, framed
3  Ceramic pot/vase
4  Marble/Stone statue
5  Wall hanger (unusable shield, sword)
6  Hand woven tapestry
7  Figurine
8  Rug/blanket
9  Painted instrument
10  Engraved/carved in wall/ceiling/floor

Image on artwork 1d20

1  Knights jousting
2  Dragon flying overhead destroying town
3  An old tentacled god
4  A religious symbol
5  Strange runes that tell a story
6  A maiden in a tower
7  The moon eclipsing the sun
8  A army upon a hill, lined up in rows
9  A old king with his crown tipped to one side
10  A devil with a trident forcing people into hell
11  A Orc beheading an opponent
12  A snake devouring another snake
13  Wizard with pipe smoking
14  A windmill
15  A farmstead with children playing
16  A vast ocean with ships upon it
17  Dragons fighting blowing fire at each other
18  A maiden and a beggar
19  Ancient structures rarely seen nowadays (pyramids)
20  Wolves chasing people

Artistic Motivation - Roll 1d6

1  Entertainment/parody
2  The mysterious
3  Religious
4  Propaganda
5  Self healing/psychological
6  Subversion/Anarchy

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