Friday, January 16, 2015

Don't rush it man!

I've been trying desperately to keep writing, unfortunately work seems to be getting in the way among other things.  (you gotta pay the bills though!) Thankfully I am not at a loss for stuff to write, I'm slowly keeping all these ideas in my head.  So I am not suffering from writers block which is cool.  More so I'm suffering from: 6 more maps to fill up, try to make everything slightly different, interesting and a bit crazy weird.

The only thing that has been bugging me is that some of the maps may not be quite up to snuff, so I might go back and re-work a few as time goes on.

The only issue is the longer this takes, the more ideas I get, the more editing I start doing, so the entire dungeon has changed a bit here and there, although I think for the better at this point.  I guess the best thing is, is to not rush this process right? I mean the one saving grace so far for me, is that I'm the only one putting pressure on myself.  I didn't do a kickstarter or anything.  (which would increase my anxiety ten fold I think).

Speaking of Kickstarter though - check out this post 

Another thing I've incorporated into the mega dungeon is atleast one dice gambling game.  I found a great resource here

Obviously I'll need to come up with a semi brilliant name for the dice game, within the game.  (your in the matrix get over it).  Also when playing dice games I'll suggest grabbing some Canadian pennies as we have officially ruled them out in the last year and they are no longer apart of our currency.  So 1 penny will equal 1 GP's.

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