Monday, January 19, 2015

Moving Forward 2015

Well the writing for the enormity project is still coming along (and I know your getting bored of these posts already, give me the damn module already Shane!).  So there's that, but the other thing I've been thinking about is what's next after the enormity project.  Obviously once its written I am going to print the whole thing off and hand it to my wife to edit, and a friend of mine who's edited a few books as well.  From a lot of the reviews I've read of independent modules/adventures it appears that a good editor is something that is missing!  So that'll be the plan, and I won't try and get ahead of myself.   ie finish the module and upload it like a tool.  *smacks wrist bad shane don't do that.

Onto other things, I have 2 other ideas that will hopefully come to fruition by the end of the year.

Gloomwood - A high fantasy hex crawl, for low level PC's, specifically for Labyrinth Lord.   Some of the bad guys from the Enormity Project will make an appearance within this module.  I have already started writing this one.   Obviously we don't need another Keep On The Borderlands, or Secret Of Bone Hill in the OSR Community, but this is something that's been weighing on my mind.  The trick of course will be to make it different and weird enough that it will stand on its own.  I am taking a bit of inspiration from +Dyson Logos  Challenge Of The Frog God Idol & +Tim Shorts "Starter Adventurers" here.  As well, the 3 modules I've released already will easily fit into this hex crawl.  The module is based on a few adventures I wrote with +Basic Fantasy Role-Playing Game for my home game.

Goblins Greed Isle - I've finally come up with a super awesome twist for this, that's going to make it a lot different than other awesome island hex crawls like "The Islands Of Purple Haunted Putrescence" & "Isle Of Dread".

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