Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Random Dungeoneering.

Well first day of self imposed vacation, I manged to cut grass, have a shower! and then took my bike out for a quick ride.  I decided to attempt to use the random dungeon tables in the 5e dungeon masters guide (thank you Adam, Kurt and Josh I can't put it down!).  I've come to the conclusion that attempting to follow these random tables works really well...... extremely well if your not a map guy in the first place.  About 15 mins in I decided to just go with it.  This may become a one off blog post adventure sans stats, we will see.  I have this silly idea about a planar gate, which I've never toyed with.

As a side note, I am sorry about all the 5e posts.  I know a lot of you who read this are into old school stuff.  But Hey! I got 5e going now, a group of willing players, I'm going with it for the time being.  HOWEVER DO NOT FRET.  As I've been working up ideas for a very off the wall campaign setting for Labyrinth Lord, and that silly little mega dungeon I was supposed to finish in January, well I am working on it right now, as you read this.  Shane is hard at work coming up with some silliness.   Hopefully I will get it done, (pardon) not so much for your sake but for mine.  As its been stirring around my head for far too long.  I am thinking that after this week worth of writing I will create a closed G+ community that will have access to "what I have so far".  For a few reasons.

A.  I trust you guys/gals
B. I had some mild writers block that was cured by playing some d&d and bacon wrapped jalapeno poppers.
C.  I trust you guys & gals.
D.  I mentioned that already didn't I?
E.  I need a bit more gonzo.

Look for you invite, I want to know that I'm on the right track here.

But I digress.... Here's the map!

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