Wednesday, December 21, 2016

A touch of class and other things

Another week and another OSR class, this time +Ivan Sorensen suggested a "infiltrator" class.  Since I grew up with the 2nd edition of the world's most popular role playing game I decided to try my hand at making a class specifically for that.  I even went so far as to attempt to hock the layout of the PHB as best I could.

Here's the download link

Last week I created the "Initiate of the silver hand" class for S&W, with a little help from +James Spahn

I am also working on a Battle mage class, that is slwoly coming together, it is not done yet, but here's the link.

If you are interested in the cool classes that have been created so far, there is a hash tag #osrtouchofclass

As well you can go over to the OSR community on Google Plus. 

Yesterday I spent a bit of time working on a "Mutant Manitoba Map", I printed off a hex graph paper from the only issue is that When I went to start doing some editing in gimp my scanner for whatever reason didn't scan correctly and I could not for the life of me line up a pdf layer of the hex map and the scan.  So today I'm going to just re draw the darn thing.

 As you can see it doesn't quite line up.  I think what I'm going to do is trace it with a regular piece of paper and then re scan and toss the hex in the back ground.  I've had this same problem with regular square graph paper.

Interesting note, when I use my work scanner it seems to be a bit better, my home one also adds some odd purple colour to it.

I am hoping this post isn't too disjointed, I'm currently watching "Conspiracies" a British TV show about well just that.

I also have all my wrapping done, basically ready for Christmas.  And still have a pile of day's off, so I'll keep working on the map and maybe do something else fun!  I haven't written an adventure in a while and I'm curious about writing for Swords & Wizardry Light.

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