Friday, December 30, 2016

Last day of the year for me

A quick look back, and moving forward.

A few of my popular posts from this year: 

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I seemed to write a lot of tables this year, expect more. 

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d100 Northern Wastland Junk

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Even more tables!


Chris Gonnerman  (Creator Of Basic Fantasy)

Gennifer Bone  (Artist)

Free Maps - must do more

Here's one

and another one 

In the last few days I've done a few edits to the pages on my blog.  Specifically I revamped the "Adventures" page with some of the awesome reviews I've got in the last few years. I have also updated the "OSR News" page to include a pile of blogs that I read and enjoy.  I plan to put a bunch more up, as well as zines, podcasts, etc.  And I added a page with links to "Old School Games"

As far as 3 Toadstools Publishing goes, this past year I didn't release a helluva a lot (other than the d100 tables).  This year coming I plan to keep working on Crimhuck on the blog.  Next up will probably be detailing the city of Yahelui (or however I spelt it).  As far as an actual release, what I'd like to do is find some time to finish putting together the "greatest hits" of the blog, and all the adventures.  I'd probably pull down all the old modules (maybe, or maybe leave em up? in case someone wants to re download something...suggestions).  Anyhow, it would be titled "Tales From The Three Toadstools" and would pretty much cover everything.  Now! Obviously people have paid for all of these things already, so I don't plan to gouge anyone in anyway.  Basically it will be a free download pdf, and the option of grabbing an actual POD if you want.  There are a few little things in the adventures that I would like to change, revise, etc.  This happens. Other than that, time will tell.

Not exactly a "3 toadstools" thing, but currently working on a collaborative dungeon project with a bunch of friends. Which is super exciting.  I hope to have it completed sooner rather than later, but we will see how it goes.  Thus far all of the responses and room descriptions I've received have blown my head off.

Gaming Wise

Recently got a copy of Classic Traveller and I'm jonesing to grab a pen and a notepad and start creating characters and subsectors.

Hopefully get our mutant future game off the ground in January, or return to Morganvain.

As far as the 5e group, we are still in Mr. Strahds castle, the group meets about every 3 weeks, but we have taken a Holiday hiatus.  I'm guessing we will get cooking again in the new year.  In the back of my brain I'm planning a wuxia campaign for the future.  That specifically I'm not going to go any farther than small map, 4 adventure locations.  Too much over planning, who has time for that really?

Also I really want to play "Ticket To Ride" again, it was fun.  Not an RPG, but fun nonetheless.

Right well, HAPPY NEW YEAR! 

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