Thursday, November 30, 2017

O-SeRial level 1 room 20

20  This room contains a makeshift study, there are a two book shelves and a large table in the centre of the room.  Three figures stand over the table in the torchlight pearing at a musty map.

The Three figures are treasure hunters.  One is an accomplished magic user (level 3), the other 2 are bodyguards.  They have been trying to ransack the tomb with the help of some goblins. (room 8).  There is a secret door behind a bookshelf in the southern wall.  The bodyguards are armed with clubs (The  guards are scaredy cats and will give up at the first sign of trouble).  The mage has a key to the secret door in room 21.  On the book shelf under a book is a key hole.  If the key is turned to the left it disengages the trap, if its turned to the right the trap remains active.  

The magic user knows the following spells:  Floor Nails, Magic Missile, Read Magic.

Floor Nails:

Range:  10  Duration:  1 turn/level

When cast floor nails sprout from the ground immediately in front of the caster.  Anyone in the general 10 foot vicinity must save vs spell or suffer 1d4 damage.  At level five the spell causes 2d4 damage.  At level 10 the spell causes 3d4 damage.  The spell is remains in effect as long as the caster concentrates (1 turn per level of caster).

The magic user has a few things on his mind.  Roll 1d4

  1. He believes that the hertic kings tomb may contain a world changing weapon.
  2. While he has hired goblins, he doesn’t like them and is suspicious of their motives.
  3. He would like to devle deeper into the dungeon, and is looking for help.
  4. He has heard rumours of a goblin massacre deep in the dungeon, their bodies left with holes in them, gold still sitting on tables and in chests.

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