Sunday, November 5, 2017

tomb of annihilation - Session 1

Caution may include some spoilers.

Our new-ish group of 5e players got together yesterday to play TOA.  The group is comprised of 3 players from the previous 5e group and 3 new players.  Everyone has a lot of experience playing fifth edition, and have read the rules backwards and forwards.  I can't quite remember all of the classes and races we had but I"ll try my best.  It was the first session, I find it difficult to remember everyones names as well.  We have 2 dwarves, one of which is a monk, a dragonborn paladin (who is quite evil), a human druid and myself a human thief (who was previously a pirate).

I have to admit, I think I've found the class that I really like playing.  Just a basic straight up thief (rogue), I'm using the basic D&D rules, not the PHB options for the thief.  I did however use the pirate background, just cuz it worked for me. I normally like playing these type of characters in skyrim, so it seemed like a logical choice to do so playing tabletop.  I decided upon Chaotic Neutral, however I think that I'll have to switch to chaotic evil after this session! 

So as per usual we meet in a tavern.  There was some discussion prior to the start of the game, the DM (Adam) asks us where we met, no one really took the bait right away so I  said "we all met in a tavern ba da ching!".  Turns out we met in the ba da ching tavern in baldurs gate.

Alright, so we meet up with this mysterious corpse of a woman, who has apparently died and been resurrected, and is now dying again.  She "used to be an adventurer like us".  (cue a bunch of dumb jokes).  Anyways, her name is Cindra and she needs us to find this gem to help stop this curse/plague been killing people.  My rogue who doesn't quite care was all like "people die everyday", meanwhile the druid seems genuinely concerned for peoples lives. 

I had read that its best to say YES to things when playing D&D to keep the game moving, so that's my new plan, I'm going to be a YES Woman (my PC is a female).  So of course we said yes to the old hag, but not before I asked about gold!  Apparently we are going to get and I quote "rare or uncommon magic items".  Whatever its a quest!  Onward.

I suggested to the party that we get some trade goods before we leave, that way if the place we are going to needs some stuff, we could make a bit of extra coin.

That was disregarded and we were teleport-ed to Port Nanzaru in Chult the very next day.

We find ourselves in the City and start doing a bit of gearing up at the local marketplace.  We are supposed to meet up with the hag later, she is staying with one of the merchant princes (I'm going to call him Wakanda).  We all make it to the red bazaar (one of 3 marketplaces in the city). 

After a bit of buying things, we walk away with some good road items.  I attempted to steal some bug repellent, but the scheme went a bit off, and I dropped it.  The timing wasn't right, and the druid was not helpful hahaha.  One of the dwarves bought some dinosaur meat and decide to attempted to make jerky. 

There are 2 taverns to choose from, some of the players opted for the cheaper rooms, the rest of us spent the gold on a good evening.

The next day we get up to go and see Cindra (hag), as well we have plans to hire a guide.  On the way to Cindras we are met with a guy who needs a debt settled.  3 of us decide to go and figure this out.  The Dwarf and the Druid decide against helping us.

We wander over to a different marketplace to go and shake this guy down for some gold.  When we get there we spot him, but the guy that hired us mysteriously disappears!  We get into a fight, I sneak around trying to hit him with a few arrows.  After a bit of a melee, one of the players talks the guy down and we all go for a drink (it was a lucky deception roll).  The guy Tabin gets hammered at the Inn (day drunk), the dwarf puts him to bed, I sneak up and steal all his gems.  8 in total, I only tell the party about 7, and put one in my boot.

We never find the guy that hired us.  While this side trek is going on, the other 2 players basically lazed around the Inn getting massages, drinking margaritas, etc.

Its got fairly late in the day, so we decide to head off to the tavern across the street and interview some of the possible guides.  The dwarf monk (who might be a racist) wants to only hire a dwarf because beards.  Cue long bit about beards, and their manliness, etc.  Very silly.

Most of the guides have some random quest they need fulfilled, the rest are all really expensive and all seem to be in league with one of the merchant princes who run the city (Jabal).  Luckily we can afford any of them, because I stole a bunch of jewels.

After much debate, we decide we need to talk to Cindra and Wakanada before actually getting a guide. 

We get a bit more intel, decide to hire Azara (who needs a quest fulfilled).  As well we meet a bunch of random NPCs that need side quests fulfilled.  Including one girl whose dad went missing.  Apparently he was with a lizard dude.  The party has got a bit bigger now, we have the guide, the girl whose dad is missing, and I think some other person.  The guide tells us that if we had canoes we would make good time.  Off to the canoe store! Thankfully I have some gems.  We purchase two canoes, and are about to leave town, when two things happen.  One random NPC comes up and gives us another quest! and the big dude from the market shows up and he's pissed cuz we robbed him.  We fight him off and make a deal to pay him back double what was apparently stolen. 

As we are leaving town the dwarf monk is joking about the side quests, and if any other random citizens are going to  come out of the wood work.

And so ends the session.  I think we got a lot done for four hours or so.

Note:  This campaign definitely has waves of Isle of Dread, not an exact copy but there are some similaritys.

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