Monday, March 26, 2018

Jerk Player

I'm a jerk player.  I haven't been able to make the last few 5e
sessions, just seems like something is always coming up.  This pass
weekend I spent the whole time in the recording studio with a
wonderful blues band.  Hopefully I'll be able to get to mix it
in the next week or so.

Our group meets pretty much the 3rd Saturday of every month, one of
our members has a long haul trucking job, so it's really the best time
to get together.

When we started I decided to play pretty much the 2nd most basic
character, I'm playing a human female thief named Azalea.  I'm not
using the PHB at all, just the basic rules from wotc.  The reason for
that, was to prove that it can be done.  I also rolled up a basic
fighter for the same reason (also for when Azalea dies! which should
be soon).  I haven't quite been able to really get into that character
yet, because obviously haven't had much of a chance to play her yet.

In other news, I'm reading star wars d6 and slowly getting that
figured out.  The guys are starting to bug me to play soon.  now that
our darn kitchen renovation is almost complete, it should be
relatively soon.

Recently I got a few pathfinder adventures from Raging swan that are
quite good.  I think after we do a bit of star wars, I'm going to run
a whitebox campaign using the modules.  They have a bit of a kotb feel
to them.  The map that came with one of the modules is pretty cool,
just the surrounding area map.  I think I may place "dusty door" in
there somewhere as well.  Speaking of dusty door, Tenfootpole reviewed
it.  Check it out here.

So this was a bit of a boring post, I apologize! It is monday though.

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