Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Re-Jigger Gaming Room

In my basement I have two rooms (well three if you count the laundry room).  Last night we had a conversation about how we can turn it into the gaming room.  Originally I had intended to use the smaller of the two rooms, but now I think we are going to go with the larger of the two! Woot. 

So here's the things I'm working on and considering in the back of my brain:

  • The one time I attempted to play online I had some difficulty with video, due to my laptop being on wifi.  Good news is that I can run a hard wired connection in the basement! So there's that.
  • I have a beer fridge! 
  • I had some chairs, but gave them away, so I'm going to make a run to Ikea one of these days and pick up a bunch.
  • I already have a table.  And my old desk will work perfect for a game's masters table.  So there's that.
  • Gotta find some decent carpet I can put down on the concrete.
  • My old basic box got destroyed, so I'm going to frame it and hang it.
  • I have a pile of forgotten realms maps that are going up on the wall as dressing.  Also a HUGE red dragon poster. 
  • Oh I also have a wine cooler? Although we drink red, so not sure how much use that's going to be.
  • A few extra lamps to provide some light ready to go! 
  • The room is about 15 feet by about 8 or so.  Should be enough to get a bunch of young grognards down there. 
  • Probably should get a batch of wine and beer going. 
  • The walls are currently white, not sure if paint will be required. 
  • Once I get that desk out of my office, its going to become my music room, which I'm badly in need of. 3 guitars and no place to put em. 
  • Some monster killing tunes! Gotta get that figured out. 

All of this is obviously happening because we just completed or are almost completed our large kitchen/bathroom renovation, which for the most part is for my wife.   So Shane needs a mancave! 

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