Monday, March 5, 2018

d10 treasure from upcoming module

I've been slowly working on an adventure setting. This is the first 10 treasures from a d100 table that will be added to the book.

  1. Golden Fleece: the fleece has the ability to resurrect one person from the dead.  
  2. A Ceremonial Bronze Bowl: engraved with furies fighting sea creatures.
  3. A Horn Of Plenty:  This horn will feed 4 -6 individuals once per day.  It has 7 charges.
  4. A Golden Statue Of Hades
  5. A Skull With Two Silver Pieces stitched into the eye sockets.
  6. A Silver Spider Figurine: When the abdomen is pressed, strong silken rope (100’) springs from the figurine.  
  7. Brass Torch:  This torch will burn as long as you need it to.  A simple switch on the side shuts it off.
  8. Rusted Shield: his shield has a depiction of a multi headed serpent engraved on it.  It acts as a continual “protection from evil” spell.
  9. A pair of worn sandals: when worn the sandals allow a person to move silently.
  10. Silver mirror: this mirror has an intricate handle with carved vines intwined together.

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