Thursday, March 8, 2018

There is no reason not to be prepared. Actually! You don't even need to prepare!

After catching Black Panther last night with some of our old school group we went out and had a ice bucket of Corono's.  We started talking about "getting together" again and playing some D&D.  Specifically Star Wars d6 (which we had previously discussed last time).  My first thought was "oh shit! I'm going to need some time, I haven't got anything prepared and don't really have a grasp on the rules yet".

First off, the rules are fairly simple.  And I really only need about an hour to get everything figured out and then I'd be good to go.

That being said, I kinda want to make the first star wars game fucking epic. 

The list of things I want to do are as follows:

  1. Prep sound effects from SW, including the opening theme for the beginning of the adventure! 
  2. Go and grab either some actual minis, or SW action figures. 
  3. Take all the pre gens from the first book, print them out and put them in envelopes.  Everyone picks an envelope. (while I love the idea of having the players create characters, I think I'd wind up with 6 jedi). 

The thing that crossed my mind this afternoon was "There is no reason not to be prepared.  Actually! You don't even need to prepare!"

I don't need to read and learn the rules.  I don't need to run the first adventure in the d6 book.  I can probably make up an adventure on the spot.  I could use Whitestar or Mini6 no problem! I don't need to do any world building, cuz star wars!

I have to stop being hesitant about things.  An opportunity comes up to play, play! I mean if it was a fantasy game, I could grab something and run an adventure in about 5 mins of prep. So why not a star wars sci fi game?

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