Thursday, March 29, 2018

Fun Stuff!

A whole bunch of fun stuff has been happening the last few days, I've been sharing it on my "Shane's RPG Musings" collection.  However I figured I'd do a blog about it as well.


First up, we are really friggin close to completing the writing of the "return of the blue baron".  I got excited on my way home yesterday and decided to make a video.   Note: The first part has a funny argument, wherein my Dog wins.

At this point I think we have about 11 rooms to go! I'm hoping I can write a few more rooms this weekend, as it's a long weekend for me.

When you get a chance check out this post about "pace in RPG design" by Scott Charlton (who is one of the writers on the baron's project).

I received an excellent review from tenfootpole, you can read it here.

Dusty Door is currently version 2, however I am going to be adding one more revision, the wonderful +Denis McCarthy drew up a awesome demon image that I'm going to add! (Orenumm).  The fun thing about the demon was I created him using the random demon tables in the 1e DMG.  To my surprise Denis went ahead and drew him.  Super cool!

+Goblins Henchman went and created this super neat version of Dusty Door, that has pop ups for room descriptions and monster stats! You can download it here.  Below are some screen shots.  If you are running this game online or with a laptop at your table it would be very handy! This would also be really fun if you were doing a solo play. 

This isn't really RPG related, but our kitchen renovation is sooooo close to being done.  Tonight we are having an epic party.  Hopefully next week the finishing touches are going to happen.  Last night my wife was working hard at getting food ready, and I sorta helped where I could.  Since I couldn't sleep much last night, I created a playlist for tonight.  It's basically a social playlist, a little bit of everything.  LINK TO THE PLAYLIST.

Note: a social is a Manitoba thing, basically when a couple is going to get married they throw this big party in hopes of raising some money for the wedding.  It's a bash with booze, silent auction, DJ etc. Always fun.  If you live in Manitoba, at some point you will get invited to one. 

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