Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Just watching Heroes Of Jordoba

If you haven't checked out Matt's channel yet, I suggest you do if you like watching D&D on youtube.  For me it's wonderful to have something like this on in the background while I'm working.  As well, I really like Matt's idea for the dungeon being a city that was basically destroyed (by a Volcano?).  It's an underground city, I'm totally borrowing this idea.

In some of Matt's other videos he plays OD&D, but in this series they are playing Fifth Edition.  But honestly listening to them, it feels and sounds like Old School to me.  Except for the occasional mechanic question.  In this video the sync crapped up, but it's totally fine as I'm a theatre of the mind guy.  You should check out the crazy mini camera action that Matt does though!

Apparently they all rolled up characters using the 3d6 method, which is great.  Matt is winging it like a good old school DM.  You can tell that he's ran games for a long time, as he just rolls with the punches.

This to me is what a group should be like, this is what my old school group was like.  Laughs, not jumping from room to room to quickly, carnage, a few terrible jokes that will probably become a "thing", and everyone having a good time.

BTW I'm amazed at Zak's rolling! The guy was rolling 20's all night.  (Well I think he had one one).

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