Monday, April 30, 2018

Last half. #Aprilttrpgmaker

13. Biggest influences?
Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone of the fighting fantasy game books. I love the world they created.

14. What are yer dreams and plans?
Egad,so much. I want to try and put out more than one adventure a year! I would like to release a adventure module for mutant future, a D100 tables book, a hexcrawl, and a compilation of all my stuff in pod.

15. Do you design in public or private?
I suppose both, sometimes I post here and it becomes something. More often than not I work on things while having lunch.

16. Any designer partners?
Lots! I bounce ideas off Johua Santo and frank Turfler all the time. All the cats involved in the blue baron series. My wife, my gaming groups.

17. Favourite form of feedback?
Constructive criticism.

18. Current inspiration?
There is so much. The heroes of Olympus series, old captain America, Oceania by the smashing pumpkins, he-man.

19. Game that is most essential to your design?
Probably Holmes and b/x dnd.

20. Favourite design tools?
Browning images on art websites, Inkarnate and, obviously publisher, word and font sites.

21. How many playtests?
Most of my stuff comes from home games so it at least gets one test. I wish I could do more somedays!

22. How do you document your ideas?
Google docs and drive! It's getting full.

23. People who have helped you?
See #16, plus all the wonderful people who have reviewed my stuff.

24. Most notable achievement?
I'm not sure if I have anything notable yet?

25. Being a ttrpg designer means?
Never falling asleep early, always having something rattling around your head.

26.  Blogs, Streams, Podcasts? 
Myself personally I do not have any podcasts.  Obviously this blog.  However here's a list of places and things that I watch and read.


Uncle Matts D&D Studio
God Emperor Leto II
Eric from Bloat Games
Samwise Seven RPG

Heros Brew
Roll for initiative 
Save or die
Hobbs & Friends

27.  Feature a TTRPG Designer?
Tim Shorts over at Gothridge Manor makes some awesome stuff!

28.  Favourite Interview? 
I've done a pile that I really enjoyed.
Old School Interviews 1
Old School Interviews 2 

29.  Your Community? 
The OSR Community on G plus 
The Blueholme Community on G Plus

30.  Top tips and advice?
Not sure if this is supposed to come from me or I am supposed to provide a link? My top tip is DO NOT OVER PREP! Because the players will always blow holes in whatever you write! Have a bunch of handy tables ready to go to help you out when you get stuck in a jam.  Including a good list of Names for NPCs, because that happens so friggin often!

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