Monday, April 2, 2018

Comparing a bulldog.

My cousin has this bulldog named Marty.  He's a sweetheart.  He is also sort of like a dwarf, very dangerous over short distances.  And he is an escape artist. 

Sometimes he will let himself out of the backyard and go for a run.  The thing is he runs as fast as he can for as far as he can, and then they find him sunning himself somewhere on a boulevard in a 2 block radius from their house.

When it comes to writing I'm like Marty.  I have these spurts where I write like a maniac (or a bulldog on a run) and then I end up sunning myself on a boulevard.

And that's entirely fine.  It's no way to be competitive, but its fine.

Holmes Bulldog
AC 8 HD2, MV 20 *note can run fast for like 50 feet then poop out.  ATT:  One large bite 1d6 on a good day.  STR 15 INT 8 CON 12 DEX 8 WIS 4 CHA 15

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