Sunday, November 11, 2018

Dancing over fireball - 5e toa session report

Had a wildly entertaining session last night. It had combat, a bit of roleplaying (thank the God's) and lots of exploration and puzzles.  I suppose this is why people like delving into dungeons right?

The previous session was all combat which I found quite boring.  Part of it is because of the heavy math in 5e.

Anyways , my thief got into a variety of old school trouble. (at one point it was mentioned that I was playing like it was first edition), considering everyone else is overly cautious about their characters.

I went into a room that was magnetized, realized that and left my bag of goodies in a hall. Went into the room and all the metal studs popped out of my armour. Whoops! Wearing clothes for the rest of the game. At least I have a stylish hood.

Went into a tunnel that was a mouth of a large skull. Found a coffin and some weird flaming skull  which claimed it was a little girl trapped.  Rped a bit, told it to calm its shit.

Got into a fight, found a weird staff. Oh I got possessed! Awesome. Honestly.. Awesome.

During the fight the blast lock (warlock, sorcerer, cleric) blasted a fireball into the room, while I was standing on the coffin. I saved, no problem.

The skull returned fire (fireball). I saved again! Lol

After the fight we did some more exploration, found a weird pool of water. (in search of the Unknown?). I think I drank from it.

Found three treasure chests. I got in them, turned the keys inside, lost all my weapons from magnetism (great success!)

Prior to that I opened a unopenable chest.  In the end I believe we rolled for init, verge of a fight. Then called it.

Here's the DMs report. 
Before our heroes are able to complete their long rest, the secret door that Nic had found sides open, and two lumbering hulks clad in plate armour burst into the room, waking everybody except Ranion and Ebon up. The party quickly discovers that nonmagical weaponry has no effect on it. Shaun and Maim take point, with Shaun only able to dodge attacks, as his aren't effective. Maim has Ranion's magic mace, and is able to do some good damage against the enemy. The rest of the party peppers them with spells, and they are able to take them down rather expeditiously.

The party finishes their long rest, and explores the room to the north. In the room along the western wall is a statue of a knight with a shield. Maim and Nic feel pulled towards the statue; all metal objects seem to get attracted towards the shield. Maim tries to hit the statue with her sword, only to have her sword crumble to a pile of rust. Nic flies through the air towards the shield, whereupon his studded leather armour disintegrates as soon as it touches it. Ebon is able to dispel the magic of the shield, seemingly turning it off.

They keep exploring to the north, to find a fountain. Ebon fills a jug with water from the fountain.

They also explore the river south of where they rested, and find a treasure chest filled with gold,a jug, and a scroll.

As they continue to explore the first level, they find a grand staircase leading down, and a pale dwarf wearing a mask resembling the head from the tomb entrance looks back up to them. As they argue what to do, the dwarf makes his escape to another area of the tomb.

Also in the grand staircase, they find a pile of bones, which animates and tries to run away when Ebon starts jostling it about using mage hand. Ebon lands a critical hit on an Eldritch Blast, blowing the skeleton completely apart.

Continuing to the east, the party finds a giant skull carving, with a room with a sarcophagus on the other side.

Nic and Ranion decide to go through its mouth. And Nic hears a panicked child's voice in his head, asking why it can't see and how it got there.

As Nic tries to brush off the voice, it seems to take offense, and attacks.

Ranion is able to turn it, however as Maim tries to rush in and join the fray, the jaws of the skull outside clamp down on her and she finds herself stuck.

Swarms of spiders flood into the room, and attack Nic and Ranion.

Ebon sees the spiders, and decides to throw a fireball into the centre of the room, killing off most of the swarms, and roasting most of his friends. Nic dances around the flames and avoids taking any damage.

The flying skull decides to throw a fireball of her own, and most of the party decides to get out of Dodge, leaving Nic hidden in the middle of the room.

After a few more brief rounds of fighting, the skull finally succumbs to overwhelming damage from Ranion's mace.

The party searches the room, and Nic finds a wooden staff with a serpent carved on it. He looks shocked for a moment when he picks it up, before handing it to Ebon.

The party continues North from the hallway that brought them to this room, where they are encountered with a long hallway - where Nic observes that the entire floor is a big pressure plate. Down the hallway from where they are is a large propeller made of adamantite.

Ebon walks across the walls, and sticks his immovable rod in between the blades of the propellor and activates the trap, but the blades of the propellor cannot move the rod, making it so that everybody is able to pass safely through the hallway.

At the end of the hallway they find a pit, a sarcophagus and three chests. One made of black onyx, one of rusty metal, and a third made of silver with a sheen of frost on it.

The chests all have keys in the kids, however the keys are unable to be turned while the chests are opened.

Nic goes into the rusty metal chest and turns the key. A button appears on top of the sarcophagus, and Ranion pushes it. Everything metal Nic has on him that isn't magical crumbles to rust, leaving him without any weapons, and most of his gear.

Nic decides to try the silver chest next. Once Ranion pushes the button Nic takes a blast of cold air, and suffers a lot of cold damage.

Maim decides to get in the third chest, however Ranion refuses to push the button. Ebon steps up the the plate and pushes the button. Maim has a sense of impending doom, however she suffers no physical effects.

As soon as the third button is pushed the sarcophagus turns to clear crystal, revealing a mummified su-monster clutching a frightful mace.

With no clear way to open the sarcophagus, Maim smashes it with her mace.

As soon as the crystal is shattered, the mummified su-monster rises up and attacks...

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