Monday, November 5, 2018

Skyrim puzzles part 1 - Skyrim Arkngthamz Puzzle Solution

As I stated previously I started replaying skyrim.  In hopes it will be the last time.  I'm guessing probably not.  I just finished up a delve into a dwemer ruin, and was struck by the fact that the puzzle within could also be a equally cool D&D puzzle.

Here is some information on the tonal resonator puzzle in the game.

Below is a spoiler alert video on how to do it in game.

And here are my thoughts on a D&D puzzle.   Rather than use 5 different tonal resonators (which might become difficult for players) I would suggest using three.  A clue, like in the game could be left by a dead npc to the correct first position.


Correct Sequence:  The resonators need to be pushed in the following order.
2, 3, 1

The resonators can be labelled the following: 
1.  Left 
2.  Middle 
3.  Right 

In the case of 3 being pushed first, geysers of flames will blast the players 2d6 damage. 

In the case of 1 being pushed first, a pit trap will open dropping the players down 10 feet (1d6 damage) 

In the case of the second number being incorrect, a group of 1d4 automatons will burst out of the walls and attack:  AC 9 (10) HD 2 ATT 1d6+2  

As an alternative, you could use face cards from a card deck and have the players attempt to put them in the correct order. 

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