Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Tried some black hack last night

Chatting with Matt last night on mewe, and he had mentioned that him and his friend were creating characters for "The Black Hack".  I didn't realize that they were doing it right then.  Anyways, he shot me the hangouts link and I jumped on.  Since my wife was nicely cuddled up on the couch reading "Outlander". 

note:  if your wife hasn't read this book, and she likes sex and men in kilts, I recommend grabbing her the first book. 

Anyways, I was thinking alright "let's create some characters", which would probably take a few minutes and then we would reconvene next week to play a game. Yup nope, took all of 10 minutes at the most to create a character (actually probably five minutes) and we were off on an adventure!  Bryan was a wizard named Knox, and I created a thief named Jax.  Which we both found entertaining as I didn't know the name of his character.

Matt rolled up a quick adventure premise in the back of the book (those tables in the black hack are awesome! even if you don't run the actual game, the book is worth the price just for the tables IMHO).

Apparently we were headed to a tower with a bunch of bubbles coming out of the top.  Quite possibly the location of a Beholder. 

I gotta say that the rules are wonderful.  The roll under thing (1's are a success and 20's are bad!) is super easy.  Obviously it takes a bit to wrap your head around it (depending on the game you are used to) however super straight forward. The thing I like about it, is I don't have to add shit.  When you roll advantage disadvantage, you take the lower of the 2, not the higher.  Once again, just wrapping your head around it.  I found it easy and straight forward.  Partially because I've been reading a lot of AFF and the mechanic is roll under in it.

My character picked up a rock and hucked it down a well at a goblin.  I had to roll under my DEX (which was 16).  Alright rolled a 7, bang! smoked that goblin.

I have to say, that printing off a copy of the basic character sheets and abilities of a class is a good idea.  I had it open on my tablet to the thief page.  But I'll probably print off a physical copy when I get a chance.

Looking forward to the next game.  Nice thing is Matt likes to run shorter games, like an hour or 2 at the most.  Which is good for me, as my ADD kicks in and things get derailed sometimes.

Super fun evening!


  1. It sounds like fun. You have a very plastic brain, meaning that you can switch gears easily and learn a new idiom - in this case straight roll under. Musicians are usually like that.

    A tower with bubbles... and just like that you have an awesome Adventure Time premise

    1. Agreed on the plastic brain. You hit the nail on the head as far as the musician thing. The concept of changing keys for different vocal ranges, tempos etc. That's all plastic brain kinda stuff. Anyways, the black hack was a lot of fun. Got me thinking about other gaming ideas when I finished the session.