Thursday, May 2, 2019

One Page Dungeon Contest Entry

It's been a few years since I remembered to do the One Page Dungeon Contest.  The contest submissions have ended for this year (May 1st, mark it on your google calendar for next year if you didn't participate).

Mine is called
"Tales of Tenacity"
Rumours spread fast.  Below the Three Toadstools Inn & Tavern, a gang of malicious alchemists brewing up a new drug called “Tenacity”.

here is a screenshot. 


  1. I had a dream once where I saw someone doing drugs and I asked them what they were doing. "Getting fd up," they said. I asked what they were getting fd up on, and they said "I'm just getting fd up on accuracy."

    1. in my facebook memories today, i stated that I had a dream that Buddy Guy had showed up at my place, and my Dad came over to BBQ