Monday, May 27, 2019

Play report isle of dread session two

We had left off with the players looking for enough funds to purchase a ship. They had a shady deal with the radu clan on the table.
1500 gp plus 10% of the proceeds or
2000 gp and 5%

They had also talked to ramses (old scallywag), who offered them a boat for 1850.

Unfortunately they didn't have enough gold to purchase it, but had heard a rumour about a werewolf on the loose in the poor district.

The next morning (the day they were supposed to meet ramses) they headed off to the poor district.

Realized they needed to silver some weapons, tried to find a blacksmith.

Rounded a corner and got into a fight with some thugs.

Finally met up with the blacksmith, charmed him and got some silvered weapons.

They talked with the blacksmith, who offered them food and drinks. He told them that a man at a brothel had a lady of the night die, who he was quite fond of. The PC's headed off to the brothel. Which was coincidentally close to the market.

They didn't get much useful info from the John named John.

Staked out the alleys near the market and brothel using one character as bait.

The werewolf snuck up on one pc, and attacked. He became inflicted with the disease.

The player managed to kill the werewolf, and they collected the bounty from the guards in the better part of town.

The cleric decided to take everyone for healing at the local cult temple of havlav.

There the diseased player was cured using up a lot of there money and choices.

The next day they managed to broker a deal with ramses for the boat for
1750 and 2% (which will probably go to pirates).

Of course there was a lot of discussion about what to do money wise etc.

They finally sailed off in an old rickety, barely sea worthy boat.

Got attacked by sharks four days into a seven day journey.  I kept banging the table.

And so ended the evening.

Note : I way overprepped.

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