Thursday, December 12, 2019

At the crossroads

There comes a time in the life of an adventurer when they consider making a deal with the devil at the crossroads.

The Deal
Your soul in return for the a limited wish from a Devil.

Alters the past, present, or future to cause a wish to come true, but within limited bounds. The wish cannot grant treasure, for instance, and only part of the wish may occur. The caster may wish to erase an unfortunate adventure, for instance. Wishes must be careful: the referee may grant a wish in such a way as to kill or handicap a character. 



  • Automatic alignment change to Chaotic Evil (or Evil) 
  • -2 Constitution
  • Eternal Damnation 
  • Any silver you are carrying disappears. (including weapons) 
  • Cleric healing spells will only heal half.     
  • +1 Charisma 
  • Your limited wish is fulfilled for (1d100 days) 
  • An imp follower (HD 2, can cast invisibility/charm once per day)
  • +1 to all saving throws vs spells.
  • Receive nightvision (or extended range if you already have it) 

Shortly after the deal is made the following will start to happen daily. (roll on table once per day) 
  1. Disassociation 
  2. Terrible nightmares (affect the amount of Hit points/Spells returned from non restful sleep)  
  3. Waking illusions (images of yourself dead, hanging from a noose, lying in a pool of blood, etc)
  4. The appearance of Hellhounds, they follow you wherever you go but do not approach. 
  5. The taste of food has changed, everything tastes rotten.  
  6. Your shadow has disappeared and has a mind of its own. 
  7. Your fingernails drip blood.
  8. You no longer have a reflection. 
  9. Intensely hungry for the oddest of things.  
  10. You hear voices speaking in ancient tongues. 
  11. You trip or fall for no reason. 
  12. Itchy
  13. Your vision blurs
  14. You wake up very achy, -1 DEX and CON for the day. 
  15. You cannot find the correct words today, everything that comes out of your mouth is mumbles. 
  16. Shaky hands (-1 to all attack rolls) 
  17. A low mournful sound echoes in your ears, it does not stop.  
  18. Anything you touch catches fire. 
  19. Re-roll one stat permanently.  A large black mark appears on your wrist.  This is the sign of the devil. 
  20. A mist envelopes you, and as such you become ethereal.  You cannot be harmed, and you cannot communicate.  
d100 days
GM:  Once the deal has been completed, roll 1d100.  Mark this down.  These are the amount of days that the limited wish spell will actually work.  


  1. Automatically evil? I'm not sure that's necessary.

    1. I think you are correct. I was thinking of giving off an aura, certain items may not work. Also it be entertaining to automatically become a anti paladin I guess. I was also trying to weight benefits and disadvantages so they would be equal. Hmm

    2. Yws, giving off a faint aura of evil sounds appropriate.

  2. Nice. Ever look at a thing and say to yourself, I know who just won’t be able to resist this? Well, I know who won’t. Gonna tuck this away...

    1. Awesome! Let me know how it goes. And yeah there's certain things that I have the same feeling.

  3. You post reminds me of the Damiano Series by R. A. MacAvoy. The main character makes The Deal, but then has second thoughts and rejects The Deal. He gets an aurora of evil as punishment for wasting the Devil's time, which is slight stronger than a little whiff. It is pretty epic... and gruesome.

    Other than the rejection of evil, the spell description is spot on with the book series.

  4. That's super interesting! I've never read the book. This came about after watching a documentary about Robert Johnson on Netflix actually. Good doc, if you are into the blues. Also with all the demonology that is in dnd, I thought it was worth writing about.