Monday, December 9, 2019

The God Of The Kobolds (d30 bag of holding contents)

Deep within the lair of the Kobalds stands a makeshift statue.  It is made of random bones, it has one moose antler, one deer horn, an arm of a human, an arm of a giant.  It is in the roughest of shape.  The skull is made from various skulls.  All cracked and dusty. Within its arms it holds a leather bag, opened.

This is a bag of holding, left here by another monster who used to inhabit the caves.  The kobolds believe this statue and bag to be their god! When they need to decide something, they will reach their hand into the bag and see what the God decrees.

D30 Things in the bag

Table written by Matt Jackson & Myself
Note: any item pulled out of the bag will also come with a handful of foul, rotten teeth, dust and cobwebs.

1.  A set of Iron keys
2.  Mummified Ogre Head
3.  Half eaten rotted head of cabbage
4. A set of copper pieces with teeth marks.
5.  A miniature woven chicken that is slightly threadbare.
6.  Black journal written in an indecipherable language.
7.  The tip of a lance, with gold filigree.
8.  An ancient large egg that is purplish in colour.
9.  A rather hefty rock.
10.  A bronze hammer and tongs.
11.   A blank map, with an x in the middle.
12.  A tattered banner of an ancient kingdom
13.  A gaudy necklace made of silver and semi precious stones.
14.  An orc nose with a nose ring.
15.  A leather document tube with an unopenable lock on it.
16.  A set of warm mitts made from sheep's wool.
17.  A fishing pole with a fish skeleton on the end of the hook. Inside the skeleton is a ruby.
18.  The symbol of an evil demi God carved into a blackened stump. (save vs spell or take 1d12 damage if you are good aligned).
19.  A eyeball in a jar
20.  A deck of tattered cards.
21.  A dice with only sixes (1d4 extra damage on any successful hit for the next week, plus regular damage).
22.  A ships wheel
23.  A silver ingot
24.  A set of strings for a lute
25.  Rusted shears
26.  An ornate bowl filled with incense
27.  A noose
28.  A hand nailed to a piece of wood
29.  A clump of hair attached to a scalp
30.  A scroll of riddles.

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  1. Oh wow. And it’s like an Oracle! And then they put everything back?

    I wonder if the riddles are in a language they can’t read. Otherwise someone would have solved them.

    I imagine kobolds like men in some ways. They have the same kind of home life people do. But they are about 1 1/2 feet tall, blue and furry, and they have dog faces. Like pugs or bulldogs. They like to wear blue clothes. Overalls, aprons, a pretty dress.

    And to a kobold everything is an engineering problem. Even if it’s just crossing a grassy meadow, they have to engineer a solution rather than just walking along.

    This is a compulsion. They are compulsionary miners and excavators. A lot of dungeons were mined out by kobolds because just as men will drink and dance and make love, a kobold is happiest when he’s digging. And when he’s not digging, he’s trapping passages or dressing them in flat stone or carving statues and commissioning mad wizards to enchant various fixtures to give them that real dungeon feel.

    But when they’re not working they go to tiny cottages with tiny kitchens and bedrooms. They have wives and puppies. They do home improvements. They like to eat bland foods (which to kobolds are the most delicious kind.)

    You would be blessed to have a kobold family living in a cottage in your garden. The goodwife and puppies will come and help you cook and clean sometimes in exchange for some bread or ale or a thimble of sugar. But if you treat them poorly, they’ll make sure you suffer their little tricks. So be good!