Monday, December 16, 2019

Wonderful session

Just finished a wonderful session with Tim Shorts and the Monday night miserable bastards crew. Best part was we ended on a cliffhanger.

We had just found a abandoned village, some of it had been destroyed. We fought a few skeletons, then went into an old house. There we found a skeletal baby (I believe), which had eight large gold bricks.

After that a booming voice said "now your mine"


I really like playing bx or lighter games on roll20. Tim has a really good way of going about things, and handling specific mechanics. It's almost invisible.

Typically with ability checks (which don't happen often) we roll d20+level+stat mod.

It's basically bx with ascending ac, and mostly d6 damage. As well side initiative.

There's honestly not much I'd change, if I wrote some rules.

I recently had a discussion about ability checks and mechanics with a player on roll20. I may have been using them far too often.  I was also using roll under. Tim doesn't typically give us a dc number. More so we roleplay it out. And on occasion we will have to roll.

Another thing I saw recently was using percentile dice. I may start doing that actually. Pick an amount and have a player roll.

Anyways just some brief thoughts.

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