Tuesday, April 18, 2017

f**ked up dream leads to lotfp adventure idea

A big thanks to champix and not smoking for this crazy dream.  I took my pill last night a bit later than i should have.  You are supposed to take with food, and I usually do after supper as its hard on my stomach, however I was a bit busy cooking and forgot till later. Cue insomnia. 

I'm not entirely sure if this is lotfp or just a b/x dream, it is weird nonetheless.  I'm a player character with a flint lock hand gun, a dagger and a musket on my back.  Protecting a ranch style huge house.  The architecture is heavily influenced by Mexican culture, stone roofs, etc.   

There are a bunch of us trying to keep the place secure.  It's late at night, and every single little thump or noise makes people jump.  I can see the bad guys.  They are goblin like, dressed as clowns.  And the weird thing is whenever anyone gets bit by one, the victim turns into one of these shrunken clowns.  (as a side note, i'm not one of those people who is scared of clowns).  

After the initial part of the dream where i'm helping fight these things off, my mind switches and goes to mechanics.  So these clown goblins can infect victims on a critical hit, after that I'm guessing its like 1d6 rounds before the victim is turned into these weirdo clown goblin things.  

And now I feel like I need to start the darn things out, draw up a map of this ranch and throw some PCs at it.  The weird thing was the clowns would wait out the PCs, not attack directly but hide in the shadows.  They even had weird clown goblin dogs.  At one point I was standing on one side of the fence and I could see in the shadows this goblin and its dog, I made a break for it and didn't make it.  

At some point they were all riding motorcycles, (in D&D I'd just make it horses) in a big circle around all the survivors.  

Talk about weird. 

Day 10 I believe, I've lost count now, and don't care at all about smoking. It's just the lack of sleep that's starting to get to me.  

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