Thursday, April 20, 2017

Session 1 is coming up next week

By the sounds of it we will be getting together next week to start playing some mutant future.  I've been slowly planning the world the last few months.  I tend to do a bit to much procrastinating though, this weekend I need to frame up a few last minute things.

This isn't over planning so much as just laying out general things.

I plan to attempt to run the game by the book, use descending AC, and 3d6 or 4d6 checks, using roll under.

Of course, we will see how that goes! It's relatively easier to hack and convert if the players don't quite get it.

The other day I posted on g+ that I needed some help, and was overwhelmed with some responses! Thank you very much, I appreciate it!  I was just trying to figure out a few things to kickstart the adventure and now i have many! (thanks +Scott Charlton +Terra Frank +Kirwyn and +Steve Grod for giving me a kick in the butt, and getting me going).

So sometime this weekend I have 2 little dungeons to write up, and I'm good to go! All i need to do is grab my super cool original gamma world screen and bag up my books, pencils and dice.

I also should go looking for a cool hand drawn mutant future character sheet, I'm sure there is a nifty one out there.

As a side note, this was a good read.

I realized, publishing wise, I've played it safe and created a lot of "stock adventures" that can be plopped into any setting.  Or atleast any setting with orcs and fairies.  

The conundrum of course is if you create something cool and unusual, some people might take it as to far from the norm.  And if you create something standard, well the people that like cool and unusual while also be mildly upset.  Grand scheme of things is you can't please everyone hahah.

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