Wednesday, October 23, 2013

TPK & Dice Rollin'!

During my recent game, the PCs had a lot of monsters to battle 2 PC's vs 8 goblins with 3 HP's each.  Due to the fact that the PC's were rolling horribly, they couldn't hit the AC whatsoever, they kept both rolling like 3,4,5,6s meanwhile I was rolling 17's and 20's the whole time.  

I used damage by weapon, but since I was rolling AMAZING, I ended up using D4's for all monster damage, just so it wouldn't be a total TPK.  I was running Blueholme rules, and had realized that blueholme has all damage as D6's which I found a bit odd, as I had always been used to damage by weapon.  "Its a puny dagger!"

Couple of things I'm wondering 

1 - Have you ever used the Holmes system were you only use D6's for damage?  (You can pretty much play this game with percentile dice, 1D20 and some d6's) 

2 - In the above example where there were 2 PCs vs 8 Goblins, and in some cases 2 PC's + 2 Hired Goons Vs 10 or more goblins, there was an INCREDIBLE amount of rolling, and as I said they were rolling horribly.  Have you ever got tired of rolling? it seemed like "K you miss, they miss, I miss, damn it!".  And these were only goblins with 3 HPs! What in the heck woulda happened if I threw a monster at them with 20 or more.... that would have been the whole night.  Have you ever speed this up? and if so how? 

Have the DM roll for the hired goons? 

decrease the hit points of the monster? 

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