Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Well its a start

Town of Autumnshade

Small frontier town, located on a river, close to a iron mine.  Local lord is Lady Therella Fiedlerson (female)

Tavern/Inn - The Stinkin’ Goblin, The Bald Minotaur - proprietor Will Homeforger

Alchemist shop “Potions & Things” - Darius Tarmikos

Smith - Blackened Tongs - proprietor Walven Hawklight

Merchant - “Gradak’s Fine Treasures From Near & Far” proprietor - Gradak Duskwalker

Notable Town NPCs
Lady Therella Fiedlerson - Lord
Innkeeper - Will Homeforger
Alchemist - Darius Tarmikos
Smith - Walven Hawklight
Merchant- Gradak Duskwalker

Thieves Guild - Silas The Silent (Leader)


Old hermit - MU lives near a swamp,

Bandits - posing as merchants, merchants are locked in caravan

Local Mine - under siege by monsters, work has stopped until they are cleaned out.

Halfling house - all dead, mysteriously.  Zombies

Lizard men kidnapped local girl

Local thieves guild (3 members) have been terrorizing business, find them, catch them,etc

Local bandit thugs have blocked the river and are raiding boats that go by?

Local bandit leader has put a price on Lords head, lord needs help

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