Monday, March 20, 2017

Back in the saddle! with a bunch of cool stuff!

I'm back! had a nice relaxing vacation and know I'm onto more RPG stuff.  Below are a bunch of cool products that have come out in the last few weeks.  So of which you may know about some of which you may not.


I contributed to this awesome holmes inspired mag (added one cool table).  You can get it for FREE right here.

Dr. Holmes himself said the game was "fantastic, exciting, and imaginative." We all hearily agreed then, and we all heartily agree now. Still under the spell of that blue-covered book all these years later, we created a plethora of new elements to inject into games run with those rules (or honestly, any similarly straight-forward such rules).
Herein you will find well-over 50 new ideas for your game — all of it inspired by the art in the original book! New spells, new magic, new monsters and threats, new directions to explore, and plenty of twists on the classics.
Warm up your dice — Adventure is here! 


The awesome +Andy Bartlett wrote a set of cool rules addons for Fighting Fantasy.  You can check out his post here:

Speaking of fighting fantasy, there is another cool set of rules that came out latetly called " Trokia!"  I had a chance to download the rules but haven't had a chance to read them other than a quick look over. 

Troika! is a complete role playing game, giving you everything you need to create characters and lead them through the hump-backed sky towards adventure.
The game is a response to decrepit UK RPGs. A "retro" RPG rebuilt without sentimentality, corpses of darlings litter the streets.

The B/X Warrior

More than simply a fighter, the warrior class has access to talents drawn from a wide range of archetypes, all integrated into a single class. Berserkers & swashbucklers, thugs & knights, paladins & rangers, gladiators & skalds. No need for all of those specialised sub-classes any more!
Within these pages, you will discover:
  • Complete advancement tables for level 1 to 20.
  • 36 adventuring talents.
  • Themed packages of talents for a quick start into the game.
  • Rules for song magic and dabbling in arcance secrets.

Stalker Island

The infinitely productive +Tim Shorts just released a cool looking adventure for Swords & Wizardry light.  You can check it out on Tim's patron here

Stalker Island was created for my sandbox using the Swords & Wizardry Light system. I'lll have more information about the sandbox soon.  

Possible hooks for Stalker Island:

  • Cave found during hex exploration. Hey, the party finds a big ass cave, they're going in. No need for a hook.
  • Skulks travel to civilized areas to get supplies. One of the homesteads believes there are bandits stealing chickens, grain and ale. 
  • The skulks take a prisoner to grow another shank shrub to plant along the river banks for better protection. 
  • A young skulk has a crush on one of the local girls. He visits her at night. She believes he is a ghost. When the party is called the parents mention their daughter was talking to ghosts.

Demon City

If you have been living under a rock you might not be aware that +Zak Sabbath has a cool Patreon going for demon city.  He has posted a neat mechanic for task resolution here

Journeymanne Rules

And finally Dreamscape Design has kicked off work on the Journeymanne rule set for Blueholme, which expands past 3rd level.  You can check it out here

Journeymanne is simply a much-expanded version of the Prentice Rules. Character levels cover 1-20, so you don’t need the Prentice Rules to play. Characters can be of any species, referee permitting – we found medusae a bit tricky in play, but generally there are no technical problems in introducing any type of creature to the party. Character classes can be combined to create new classes like that old favourite, the fighting magic-user. There are also, of course, a lot more spells, a lot more creatures, and a lot more magic treasures. In addition, the rules have been expanded to cover high-level stuff like moving beyond the Underworld to adventuring in the Realm and in the Wilderness, and player characters establishing their own strongholds.

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