Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Web hatching? Sure why not.

Last week I started playing around with a new mapping concept.  I haven't quite finished up the "Web-hatching" on this particular map yet, but it's coming along.  Pictured to the left are a before and after shot of the webbing.  I have also filled in all of the lines on the map darker (which I haven't taken a picture of yet).  What I might end up doing is scanning the map the way it stands now, and then finishing up the web hatch in pen, it's currently in pencil.  That way I can always reprint it if I don't like how it goes.

Whenever I get this into gimp, what I think I'll do is add a dark grey layer, and then possibly do some airbrush stuff and see how it comes out.

Of course I have a few ideas for this map.  For example, there is a crypt? is this in the basement of a church? Why are there other two entrances? Where do they lead to? A tavern basement perhaps?   Further there are also 3 sets of stairs leading into the depths.   Where do these go? what monsters lurk below?

This feels like its going to be a 3 level b/x dungeon.

With a little help from some 1e DMG random tables.

Whenever I get around to filling the map, I intend to not draw all 3 maps and then fill them.  Instead, I am going to do one at a time.  This way it's not so daunting!

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