Friday, June 14, 2019

Random spellcasting mechanic idea plus weirdo ability check idea.

Somewhat silly idea for spellcasting.

  • The player has no "actual spells from the book"
  • They get as many spells as they are of level (10th level = 10 spells). 
  • They describe the spell and its effects.
  • If the spell does damage its 1d4 per level of caster  (2nd level wizard 2d4 damage)
  • If the spell has a duration it is 1d4 per level in rounds of the caster (1st level is 1d4)
  • If the spells cures it is 1d4 per level of caster. (3rd level 3d4)
  • Any spells that cause damage or have an effect are subject to a saving throw.  (attack rolls are not needed). 

What I like about this idea, especially for new players, I can just say "alright what is it that you want to do?", and then have them describe the spell in detail.  This might also give way to new spells.  I think it might keep a player from randomly looking at their character sheet and wondering "do I have a spell that will help us here?". 

Anyways, just an idea that I might put into practice. 

Ability check idea! 
Alright rather than a DC check or a roll under, I kinda like the idea of a target number for any check.  The math is 17 - your level + modifier = target number.  So a 3rd level character needs to roll over 14 with modifiers to be successful.  Capped at 10 I think, so there's still a chance of failure.  So at level seven you would always have to roll 10 or higher to be successful. 

I actually wouldn't mind doing this same idea for saves and thieving skills.  If any PC other than a thief attempts something, the math might be 19 everytime.  19 - your level + modifier = target number.


  1. Whoops.. Math is wrong, it's roll plus mod after the fact. Target number is 17 minus your level.

  2. Castles and Crusades handles skills/saves/ability checks in a very similar way, you might check it out.

  3. I love how simple this is. By far, the concepts of simplifying magic to its basic levels is great- and additionally the use of the simple rules and relatively low numbers that keep it within the bounds of what normal spells actually do. And levels = spells is also great, you could probably add in a rule about how the spells they get get stronger as they get higher level, but maybe that's not for you. Anyway, thanks for sharing this, and thanks for Frothsof as usual for directing people to new blogs and content.

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