Monday, June 17, 2019

Monday night miserable bastards - session 3

Obviously notes from the session, I will write a official thoughts of "skord" tomorrow.

Session 3 - June 17/2019

My mace is now named “Spear”
We woke up in the morning, and we found some spiderwebs to the south.
Came upon a grassy gnoll covered in spiderwebs, that smelled of incense
Came to the grotto, entranced was trapped.  Kojack figured it out.
Managed to grab 3 vials of weirdish green liquid at the entrance.
Managed to bag an imp demon thing in a put him in a bag.
We killed some Imps.  Clerics
25 Teeth & Claws From Imps (component for magic missile spell) can sell them.  
There was weird webbing in the asses of the Imps.
Met some dudes in a room, looks like we are starting a fight with them.  They were arguing with each other behind the door.
I need to rename my mace.  It’s a POS.
I was not able to hit anything, I believe that the great imbibber is testing me.
Large guy that we met was a dude named Huberto (from Scorn), he was a textile merchant.
I may have mildly annoyed a demon with my mace, this may be my last day.
Watched Kaylim (kojacks hireling) melted into goo.
I believe humberto died.
In the nick of time, matt called on his god, and got 8 extra hit points.  He wacked the demon with his tankard.
I almost died again, but was brought back to life by the cleric (i owe him so much now).
Matt finally killed the demon.
The demon died, explosion of Acid.
We need to head back to town
All of my equipment is fucked.

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