Tuesday, July 2, 2019

So scorn was interesting (Monday night miserable bastards play report)

I write this at a sorry excuse for a bedside table in the craw inn. Scorn has been interesting to say the least. Upon arriving the guards gave us some hassle. I had to pretend to have a different name, which I failed at miserably. Thankfully I managed to pretend to be drunk, and the guard let me in. That sneaky priest just walked in with some commoners, no hassles. Must be his clothing perhaps?

We wandered about gathering information on dealers. Found a very pricey Inn that we decided against. Finally managed a decent albeit cramped spot at the craw. The seahawk tavern was quite a lot of fun. The halfling blessed a keg in the name of the great imbibber. I sometimes wonder if there is no such God, and this is all a bit of a lark.

Fundar was kind enough to buy me a Warhammer. It will need a name. Maybe the next thing I have to kill.

At the tavern we found out about "kettles", a great lady smith. We decided to meet her in the morn.  As well we found a few places for healing potions.

The dwarf was more than happy to negotiate for all of us. He enjoys that.

We managed to find "Hugo's healing potions" and bought a large jug. Who knows if this will work? It was however priced right.

Another curious magik shop we went to had a table that would change the items on it. Nifty I say! And good security.

Speaking of, we passed a group of spears today. One guy may have noticed me, he looked twice. Even with these scars, I shouldn't come back here. I am going to purchase a executioner hood.

I met up with Gwen and discussed a few things. A relayed the information about the asshole brewer to the crew. We deemed him unacceptable.

After buying quite a lot of silver goods at the smith, we retired for another few ales.

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