Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Ah!!!! Critical screw up!

I've come to the conclusion that I need to make a few quick critical miss tables for when ability checks go awry!  Rather than the PC attempting to try something again, have a epic conclusion to the failure of there check.

Roll a D4


1 - break the lockpick, pick wedged inside lock
2 - drop lock on foot, door opens, 1d2 damage to foot
3 - poke lockpick into hand/eye, 1d2 damage
4 - fumble lock pick creating apparent noise

Sneaking/Move Silently
1 - trip and swear loudly
2 - walk directly into a torch light
3 - step on a crack, floor creaks
4 - Sneak so successfully that the other PC's can't see you!

1 - $ prices of goods go up by 5%, offended merchant
2 - It appears that the item you wanted to purchase is no longer in stock (backordered? lol)
3 - The item you would like is on hold for another customer
4 - While handling item you break it, (you just bought it!)

Climbing/Dex Check
1 - Fall and hurt yourself 1D4 short distance, walk with a limp
2 - snag clothing on something, decrease effectiveness of armor class
3 - Brick or tree branch falls, loud sound!
4 - Spill a potion, making climbing more difficult

Intelligence/Wisdom Check
1 - Total brain fart, you used to know what that item was, but can't quite remember
2 - Remember only partially what the item was used for
3 - Something catches your eye and you forget what you were doing
4 - Feel saddened by your stupidity -1 INT for the rest of adventure

Strength Check
1 - Drop whatever you were carrying 1D4 damage to toe, walk with limp
2 - Break your arm/leg/weapon due to overwhelming surge of strength
3 - Arms/legs give out.
4 - Tuckered yourself out, need a nap or food to regain lost energy

Some of these might be a bit silly, but may offer a bit of randomness.

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