Monday, November 25, 2013

Letters from Izaheem-Ythk The Terror - Part 1

I can't count how many times I've tried to write my life story.  I sit down and try to put quill to paper, but I always stop myself for fear that no one wants to read my story.  I'm sure this feeling has overwhelmed other writers.  It can be disheartening.  After a recent conversation with a true friend, he talked me into atleast attempting to do this.  Thankfully I hadn't thrown out all of my journal entries, and I decided to post a few up here to see if there is any interest in reading my story.  - Izaheem-Ythk the apparent "Terror".  

Journal Entry 19, 

It's gloomy as usual in this cave, I should really try and find some new lair, maybe atop a mountain so that I can bask in the glow of the sunshine.  I've not exiled myself to the bowels of the earth on purpose, more to the point it is out of necessity.  You see it always seems that someone breaks in here on a "quest" or in search of  or "treasure".  Damn simpletons!  What about knowledge?  I'd honestly prefer to just have a conversation maybe even a friend?  The loneliness does get to me, although I have had my fair share of visitors here, some good and some bad.  Here is the story of a recent event (and when I say recent in your time it maybe a hundred years, my concept of time is quite a bit different).  But I digress, I had been leafing thru an old tome recounting the history of a elder Lich and its rise to lichdom, very interesting stuff, although not a light read whatsoever.  I hear this sound, well not a sound so much as an annoying tone, that was continuous!  What is that drone?  I raise my head to see what "fresh hell" has come thru my door, There standing before me is a maiden dressed in a flowing blue gown.  She is covered from head to toe with dust, I'm guessing from the caverns beyond.  (mental note I need the minions to do a better job cleaning)  I grumble, and do my best low growl voice that I can (its been years since I've said anything).  "What business do you bring?"  

The lass stands before me now, hand over the top of her head looking up at me.  "My name is Patricia and I've run away from home! I await rescue!".  I shake my head,  really another damsel in distress.  "I've left a note on my father's desk, he is to send a handsome worthy man to come and find me, while I wait, get me something nice to eat and a bed to sleep on will you" she flatly states.  

Why does this continue to happen? Another prudish puffed up pedantic princess awaiting rescue from the terrible Izaheem! And this one seems particularly annoying & demanding.  

"Dragon! I need a bed and something to eat! Quick"  She screams at me.  

I shake my head... why do I want visitors again? 


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