Thursday, November 7, 2013

Lots of blogging today! Rules Mash up idea

I was thinking today about Microlite and Advanced Fighting Fantasy, and I had an idea about a very easy mechanic that might be fun to try as a mashup idea.  I quite like the Skill tests in AFF, wether it being a Skill Test + specific skill, roll under, and how microlite splits up skills into 3 things, (mind, str, dex i believe).   In AFF anytime you want to try something you test your skill, (and any extra specific skill) so for example, you want to pick a lock.

Skill 7 + Lockpick skill + 1 = 8.  Roll under 8 and you succeed.

While having just a one test thing to know if a specific action works is absolutely handy, and straight an to the point.  Having it split up into 3 things makes a bit more sense as well.  So instead of just a quick test.  or a Difficult class sorta thing.  What might be cool is to have a D6 based skills game, where the basic Skill modifier is replaced with the microlite kind of version.   Of course this would be dependent on class as well.  So for example

A Warrior may look like this - STR 8 DEX 5 MIND 4
Whereas a Wizard might look like this STR 4 DEX 6 MIND 8
and a thief, obviously the DEX would be higher.

The other thing I wouldn't mind incorporating is the ascending armor class, as it makes for one less roll per encounter.   In AFF the Hero & The Monster both roll there skills + dice roll, whoever wins then rolls damage and the other guy rolls what the armor reduces.

Wheras the D20 mechanic is roll over the AC , then roll damage.  thus allowing both the monster and the PC to inflict damage at the same time, which makes a bit more sense in a battle.

The other thing that's kicking around my head is Mass Battles, I need to re-read the rules stated on this blog -

But what I'm thinking is the following, same idea as AFF as far as the combat mechanic goes, minus the damage/armor stuff.  Basically the hero's would be in charge of a large battle with 10 different pieces in the army, and the bad guys the same thing.

Hero's Army

Fighting Men Skill 5 Stamina 14
Archers Skill 5 Stamina 14


Bad Guys
Orcs Skill 5 Stamina 14
Goblins Skill 4 Stamina 13

On a large board I would give little markers for each group with the stats on them, and we can move them around the terrain deciding who goes after who.  All damage would be D6 based.  More like the original version of AFF I suppose.  Of course thruout the battle I would switch to "What's happening in the now" with the PC's and have them battle a specific monster one on one, then back to the actual warfare.

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  1. If I'm understanding it correctly it would be d20+skill (say sword)=to-hit vs AAC

    So Orc Chief rolls 10 (d20 roll) + 4 (axes skill) = 14 to hit Warrior
    Warrior has a AAC of 13 so it would be a hit.

    At the same time Warrior rolls a 12 (d20 roll) + 6 (sword skill) = 18 to hit Orc Chief
    Orc Chief has a AAC of 12 so it would be a hit as well.

    Both men strike each other and then continue. Correct?

    Sounds fun to be quite honest I may try it this weekend at the Con and tell you how it went. If I'm brave enough of course.