Monday, November 10, 2014

Joined a facebook group

So I joined a local D&D facebook group, although it appears that most of the players come from 4e or pathfinder backgrounds.  I'm stating to feel there is a rather big divide somedays.  I posted the following: 

Thanks for adding me to the group! I grew up playing 2e, and have since started playing all the OSR games. Looking to jump in a group for any iteration of D&D. Anyone trying out 5e yet?

31 comments later.

Later on I posted the following: 

I am in the process of reading the basic rules & dmg guide for 5e (the free versions) when I feel comfy enough, we might be able to setup a game. I'll write something up. But it will have a old school feel for sure, I'm not a fan of organized challenge levels.

One of the comments I received was: 

Not entirely sure what 'old school feel' means. As long as its not a dungeon crawl slog I'll be down.

Not that this gives me a bad taste in my mouth, but that sorta of comment makes me feel that not only are us old school guys gronards, but those 4e types are gronards in their own way as well! LOL. 

Most of the comments revolved around 4e type games, etc.  At this point I think I'm just going to do another post and say "Hey if anyone wants to play some old school stuff, I'd be happy to DM that".  Rather than get into any kind of edition war type situation.  Of course if I ran 5 edition it would have a old school feel, because that's what I am, I've never played 3, or 4th edition, and from reading fifth, it feels like 2nd edition to me.  Obviously there's some things from 3 and 4 in there, but I think it comes down to individual perspective.  Much like any game system.  

When I look at it I go "Well its got ascending AC (3rd edition), its got proffencies (2nd) and its got some crazy bonus per level (4th power up thing)."  

After re-reading all the comments, it appears if I can figure out the basic rules of 5, I'd have a group to DM, of course all of these players are coming from a 4th edition background.  So that'd be the conundrum.  

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  1. If you're looking for a 5e game via Facebook, there's the D&D Next group as well as the Tabletop RPG One Shot Group.

    If I can get some free time after my house move, I'll play.