Thursday, September 29, 2016

Iron Falcon RPG - First thoughts

I've read Iron Falcon briefly awhile ago, I stumbled upon it while surfing site.  Due to a recent discussion with +Tony Bravo I decided to take another look at it last night.

First off I'd like to say that its a well presented RPG, similar to the way that Basic Fantasy looks. And in all honesty I don't know why its not talked about more?  There are some obvious differences between Labyrinth Lord & Iron Falcon, but in the end they are both old school systems.

During a discussion on the OSR community there are a few differences
This via JohnnyNormal

Some of the obvious differences are:
No race as class
slightly diff mods on stats
racial mods for thief abilities
damage vs. size
weapon vs. armour type

IronF has no spell at first.
Also the cleric spell lists are only 6 spells, levels 1-6 with 11 at lvl. 7. In comparison there are 8 spells per level for LL.
Turning is a little different, turns by type (e.g. ghoul) rather than HD.

Here are a few more blog posts detailing Iron Falcon.


Semper Initiativus Unum

Realms Of Chirak.

What I really liked about the system is the ease of grabbing everything you need on the site.  (I know its kind of a stupid thing to be excited about but...)

There's a nice download of the GM Screen, Rules, and some adventures right on the main page.  Print all that and bam your good to go! (Coincidentally Tony worked on the GM screen)

Another thing that struck me as awesome, and I plan to print out and use in my current campaign is the campaign checklist.

Now here is why its cool, going thru the one page checklist and checking things off before you start grounds all of those little rules in your head right away.  Rather than having to wait for something to come up and then make a decision, for example

Dealing With Death (page 135): 
☐ Dead at 0 Hit Points
 ☐ Dead at –10 Hit Points
☐ Dead at –Constitution Hit Points
 ☐ Other, See Below

The adventures pdf contains 4 adventures, and if you go on over to donjon you can create yourself a nice little town and a hexmap, toss those dungeons in there, and your off and running for a few sessions, with honestly no actual prep haha.

Which BTW is exactly what I'm going to do, once I finish up our current old school campaign.

Oh and since we are talking about Iron stuff, here's some Iron Maiden!

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