Monday, September 12, 2016

Strahd Session 3

Contains Spoilers. 

We reconvened for a bit more Strahd, it was quite a lot of fun.  We hadn't played any 5e stuff over the summer as all of our schedules were pretty wacky.  Of course my Wife & I were camping most weekends.

I managed to rewrite all my notes into a new book that I was able to read, which was handy.  I honestly forgot who all our characters were.  Turns out the following:  Nim the gnome illusionist, Jezzebell (some J) the halfling thief, Tornto Unk! The dwarf fighter, and myself Keln Barkbiter barbarian cleric dude.

The last session we basically wandered around Barovia not finding or doing a whole helluva a lot, so this time we decided fuck it, we are going to straight to Strahds castle (i mean we are 4th level, what harm could come to us really?)

But of course its night outside when we get there and its cloudy and all kinds of creepy noises are happening, etc. We make it into the court yard without getting molested by monsters.  Take a quick look around, and notice a window on the 2nd level.  The thief uses her bow skills, fires an arrow up to the window with a rope attached and 2 of the 4 of us climb up.  Cuz you know split the party!

The other 2 of us finally get our butts in gear and get up in the room.  After a bit of precursory searching, we find a large throne and a few sets of doors.  One of the PC's decides to kick the throne a few times in hopes of getting something out of it.  Manages to get a secret door to open.  We open one door and see a hallway with 2 skeletons in it (fuck that room!)  then we open up another room and find this old dude chained to a desk working on ledgers.  My wife did some amazing role playing whilst talking to the guy.  Got some good intel.  We decided to loot all the chests, and find a strange book that helps increase some stats.  Of course we attempt to rescue mr. accountant but he's not having any of it.

We go thru the secret door and start working our way towards the basement.  Kurt (the dwarf) we were at his place, and he has this giant chalkboard, which was super helpful for initiative tracking and drawing maps of where we were.  Whenever we get our game room together I think we will paint one wall with that chalkboard paint, cuz damn that was handy!

We get to the lowest part of the castle dungeons, find a few dead bodies and some dude chained to a wall.  We give him a battle axe (dumb really dumb), and set him loose.  Turns out he's a werewolf!  (good job party!).  We notice some zombies coming down the hall, meanwhile in that room I get attacked by some ooze.

I try my best to get a torch and a tinderbox out of my backpack with one hand, drop the damn thing in water.   then yell "someone throw me a fucking torch!".

More fighting, everyone is tied up with other monsters.  Illusionist charms the werewolf and he starts helping us.

Meanwhile  "someone throw me a fucking torch!".

More fighting and rounds go by, we are doing pretty good! Well the rest of the party.

Me:   "someone throw me a fucking torch!".

Finally!!!! the gnome throws me a torch.

We manage to kill off everything and get the werewolf chained up again.  There we broke for the day.   While I would love to play D&D for more than 4 hours, I find that 4 hours is just the right amount of time.  For once the 5th edition combat went reasonably quick.  I think partially because we have all got used to the system.

Anyways, lots of fun!  Ate a pile of cheese, sausages, cheezies etc.  We also tried out drinking quest.  Which I'll write a review for tomorrow sometime. It was a LOT of fun.

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