Sunday, October 21, 2018

Things in the desert.

1.  Rocs circle above the party
2.  One member of the party trips over a trap door.
3.  Four large statues of beast men , each pointing in a cardinal direction.
4. Crow men feasting on a carcass.
5. An old stone temple, fourty humanoids pray in front of it.
6. A treasure map etched into the side of a cactus.
7. A herd of wild camels are stampeding a cross the plains.
8. A large fifteen foot flame erupts from a obsidian circle.
9. A fight between a green dragon and a gold dragon. 
10.  A small garrison of skeletal warriors stands at attention near a large hill.
11.  Fresh bodies litter the ground, all are decapitated.
12.  A individual sized glider is buried in the sand.
13.  A large pit, with a well used trail, leading down.
14.  Cannibals!
15.  A glass palace, stretches a mile square. It is guarded by a group of dogmen.
16.  A mile of large animal skulls, all of which will bite if given the opportunity.
17.  A makeshift tent village.
18.  A stone labyrinth, the entrance is close by.
19.  A altar with strange runes that glow green.
20.  A pyramid being constructed.

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