Tuesday, October 30, 2018

In response to "I'm Bowing Out" - Hack & Slash


"+I engage in social media less. I read it, but now the only time I actually engage is to talk to artists or other creators. I'm tired of being sick to my stomach over stupid discussions online about shit people don't have the first clue over anyway. I'm tired of the never ending rant of just a few people who desperately want someone else to take their side or back their cause. Have you noticed I'm more quiet on social media? It's because I'm bowing out of the arguments online. That's not the fight. That's people trying to profit from the fight. I win the fight when I vote, volunteer, and fulfill my role to my community, family, and planet. Not when I'm pushing an agenda."

You can read the entire blog post here. And once you are done that, you can check out the awesome index of cool stuff on Hack & Slash here

The above quote is basically how I feel nowadays.  I'm also going to bow out of discussions that can turn into arguments.  I used to spend a LONG time responding to dumb shit like that.  The one thing I've learned about online arguments is:  Person 1 has an opinion and will not be swayed, they want to sway someone else.  Person 2  has an opinion and will not be swayed, they want to sway someone else.  So stale mate. 

This is me bowing out. 

I'd rather talk about RPGs and D&D.  Like this post which was salvaged from a G+ discussion.  

In the mean time I'm working on my mental health, and dialing back the amount of time I'm spending on social media.  I also re started playing Skryim, which should hopefully get me thru the winter.  Halloween is this week, and I have a curling game this evening, and a concert on thursday.  Oh and I have friday off! 

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