Friday, November 6, 2015

Hamster Racing!

Note:  I'm not suggesting racing real life hamsters, this is RPG related.

During our initial session of the 5e starter set, I asked the players how they knew each other, where did they first meet.

My Wife decided that they met at hamster racing.  I'm guessing it was a illegal underground operation.  Whatever the case, one of the players was cheating, the other called him on it and a fight ensued.  They've been sorta friends and adventuring ever since.

Here are the rules for Hamster racing!  First everyone including NPC's picks one hamster.  Everyone rolls a 1d6.  There are 15 rounds, or whoever gets to 15 first wins.  That's the gist!  When betting its not okay to blow on someones forehead, it is also considered bad taste to dye your hamster a different colour (although it depends on where exactly you are in the world).  Remember to grab some pennies and use em as tokens for the pot.  Each penny should equal either 5 GP's or 5 SP's depending on the game your playing.

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