Thursday, November 26, 2015

Microlite Purest Essence

This Christmas I am going to run my nephews thru a dungeon!  They are 13 & 11, so I've been looking thru my gigantic file of retro clones, looking for something that will get us into the game quick, with light mechanics.  I've often gone back to this wonderful pdf, "Microlite Purest Essence", because its beautiful, and so straight forward.  I'm currently in the process of drawing up a little dungeon map and writing out a few NPC's and story goals/plot lines for them.  The idea is to get them in the dungeon as quickly as possible and fight some monsters. 

I had read an article a little while ago about a person who's child had autism, and they had started playing some D&D, in the end it worked out quite well for the little guy. 

Here's the article - "How Dungeons & Dragons saved my autistic son". 

One of my nephews is autistic, from reading the article I see a lot of similarity's between him and the author's son.

I think they are going to enjoy it thoroughly.    It will be of course theater of the mind.  The thing I really dig about Microlite Purest Essence is its so easy to house rule. 

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