Tuesday, January 10, 2017

New mantra for 2017

I wasted my evening last night.  My wife was watching the bachelor, I had a long day and spent the evening on the couch staring at social media not getting anything actually done.  This needs to stop.  I've also come to the conclusion that I'm highly addicted to social media.  Honestly I think we all are a little bit right?  So the absolute last thing I did before I shut off my tablet last night was looking up "social media addiction".  I stumbled upon this link, and it's helpful.

The funny thing is that after I leave the 9-5 and start on my path home, my brain fills with all the things I should do.  Being a creative person is difficult sometimes.  I've also realized that I'm extremely good at deadlines.  If left to my own devices I will figure out a way to procrastinate.  Every time.  However when something needs to get done, give me 2 cups of coffee and a half hour.

I bought a brand new scribbler a little while ago, that has sat empty.  One of the things that I've been wanting to do and haven't got to yet is to sit down with the "Classic Traveller" book I got and start working on a star system map.  That was one of the chapters that just made my creativity bound.  Coincidentally that was one of things I was thinking about on my way home last night.  Basically fill the damn book.

Another thing that crossed my mind sitting on the couch was the maps in my copy of Elemental Evil.  The scan was terrible.  I don't think it would take much to attempt to redraw all those maps.  Print em off and start figuring it out.  Another project!  And honestly beats the crap out of sitting on the couch starring at my tablet.

Of course there's work to be done on my MF campaign, and I've also planned on working on the city of Yahleui (which I have to change the damn name).  First step in that process is to create a map.  I really want to attempt something similar to the Port Blacksand map, with naming streets and everything.  Actually that book is perfect for fleshing out a city, and what little shops etc are in each district.  With a set of d6s and a blank map I could pretty much get most of it done reasonably quickly.  Of course adding a bit of inspiration.

I was talking with a friend lately about music, and I said "I hadn't really written anything lately, no songwriting muse".  And he goes "why don't you write D&D songs".  I laughed, but honestly could be fun!  I mean who cares right? So that is also rolling around in my head.  Speaking of, here's a interesting little drumloop I created.  It's very NIN, which was the plan.  I created it from industrial samples.

I always say "you only got so many hours on this earth".  Especially when I'm involved in something that I don't really want to do.  I need to remember to spend the time that I'm given on things that make me happy.  So the 2017 mantra is "be creative".

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