Monday, January 16, 2017

Not a lot going on today, just some pondering

Been pondering a few things. Here is what is on the agenda today.

Mega Dungeons
In order to write a good mega dungeon i need to A.  Run one or two, B.  Read a bunch of them (ruins of under mountain and maze of the blue medusa are on my list).  and of course C.  playtest the one I write.  I dreamt a bit about the dungeon I was working on.  Well I starred at the ceiling thinking about it.  I am about 4 years behind at this point (who's counting really?)  The adventure started out as very vanilla D&D, and I think that might be the wrong way to go about it.  I've discussed openly about this silly idea, and I have a few good core things that are floating around in my brain.  First and foremost I need to re draw those maps, as they are terrible.

Here's a link to a discussion about the ruins of under mountain.  It's a interesting read.

And that's all I gotta say about that for awhile.  Other than I really need to edit my current drivethru products because they state "coming in 2014 a NEW mega dungeon".  And yes its 2017 and I'm aware.


Just lately I started reading a terrible book.  More oft than not when I start a terrible book, I don't finish it. I just give up.  I decided to grab something off the shelf that I've read before.  I remember it not being the best book, or at the very least not as good as the original author (douglas adams).  Coincidentally, I seem to almost always pick up a hitch hikers book every few years in January.  I have no idea why.  I'm currently reading "And Another Thing!" By Eoin Colfer.

Reading this book, I keeping thinking it would be fun to write some fan fiction.  Did a quick google search and holy crap! there's a pile of stuff out there already.   That said I think I might write about the Encyclopedia Galactica instead of the HHG2G.

Not a helluva a lot at the moment. This weekend we return to Barovia.  Play report will follow.  I must email old school group and see if we can get the mutant future game (or something) up and running soon.  Shooting for Feb.

Collaborative Dungeon 
The collab dungeon is going extremely well!  I've got pretty much everyone's rooms in and there's a few left which I'm going to slowly tackle as inspiration strikes.  'm hoping to have the whole thing done by the end of February.  That is my deadline date.

Once it's done I'll put it up on the blog as a free download and share the pdf with all the collaborators so they can do the same.  I intend to release 2 versions of it, if time permits.  And official 6x9 version and a printer friendly 8x11 version.

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