Monday, January 9, 2017

Random Table Of Black Hole worlds

There have been a few instances in the last little while that I’ve thought “you know what would be cool? A black hole portal”.  Whilst planning my Mutant Future campaign, I had a discussion with one of my players regarding the Cern supercollider.  The possibility of a catastrophic event opening up black holes, is actually a bit more fact than fiction (at least for the purposes of this blog).  This topped off with the fact that I’ve considered creating a Classic Traveller campaign where the players visit worlds, or fall thru blackholes into different realms.  For example they start off in a mutant future campaign, travel thru a black hole and wind up on a space ship, only to realize that they are in fact members of the imperium on a trade mission.  And then at some point they wander thru another blackhole and viola greyhawk campaign.  All the while they are mildy aware that they are in fact spacemen & women.

The other idea I had, IF our 5e group ever gets me to DM again and we finish the starter set.  They travel into some caverns, and at some point they have a cross roads leading in 3 different directions.  When the players walk thru one of these they are magically transported to another world that needs heroes much more than the current world (damn you FR, we are going to the Known world).
Sounds crazy, its role playing whatever.

Random Table Of Black Hole worlds

World Description
A lost world setting ala Isle Of Dread.
A island that is in reality purgatory.
Ancient Mars complete with alien barbarian hordes.
A planet that is a huge city.  (Coruscant-esq).
Post-apocalyptic medieval steam world.
A world in which everything is turned upside down.  The internal structure is hollow.
The Fairy mists, a place in between worlds.
Jungle world.
Westoros-esq world.
An extreme future world, similar to the world presented in The Time Machine by H.G. Wells.
The inside of an alien mothership heading towards a world they plan to destroy.
A colony planet, with extreme resources and unknown dangers.
The black pits, a world that is unbearable above ground, but filled with life underground.
The meridian, the centre point of the entire universe.  Somewhat similar to the clockworks D&D plane. 
The Abyss.
2040 Earth, Zombie apocalypse.
A desert world, filled with strange monsters and low intelligence life.
A moon base with alien competing factions
The Labyrinth.  A maze above ground, the centre of which contains a prophecy.

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