Thursday, September 5, 2013

30 Day Challenge! - Your favorite set of dice/individual dice

This is a weird one! Honestly I'm not entirely sure If I have a favorite set of dice, Normally when I play I use clear dice behind the screen, I have another set of dark green sorta camo ones with orange letters that I absolutely detest as I can't read them.  I suppose if I had to say my favorite it would probably be the polyhedral set that I got with dragonstrike as they were color coded, the d8 is blue, the d20 orange, etc.   I've honestly never put much stalk in "lucky dice".  I know some people will refuse to use dice except there specific lucky ones.  The one type of dice I don't have is a percentile dice so I really should buy one, I usually use 2D10's to make that work.   That and I'm quite low on d6's I should buy some, used to have a ton! 

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