Sunday, September 8, 2013

30 Day D&D Challenge! - Day 8 - "Favorite Charcter You've Played"

My favorite Character that I played was a Wizard named "Rannick Frogshaper", Don't ask me where I got the name, but the original incarnation of him was a short story I had to write for Language Arts classes.

Since then he's appeared as a Player Character first in Advanced Fighting Fantasy (where he was only 16 years old),  then later he was in D&D when I played red box with a friend (he was DMing), I believe he died on that adventure.  I've even used him in video games like Oblivion & Morrowind.  Anyways as time went on I ended up resurrected him as a NPC in my own D&D campaign.  And now that I'm writing about him again and remembering him, I"m guessing that he will end up in another adventure at some point down the line.

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