Tuesday, September 24, 2013

D&D 30 Day Challenge - Favorite Dragon Color/Type

This one is a toss up between two "good" dragons, the Steel Dragon & the Bronze Dragon.  Both of which like to spend time with Humans/Demi-Humans, and are curious of what it is that these people do.  As far as Evil dragons go, I think its really a toss up between Black, Red & Green, they are all vile & vicious*

Steel Dragon - Steel dragons love to have human and demihuman companions, and they prefer to live amid the hustle and bustle of great cities. They often pose as sages, scholars, mages, or other intellectuals. 

Bronze Dragon - Bronze dragons are inquisitive and fond of humans and demi-humans. They enjoy polymorphing into small, friendly animals so they can unobtrusively observe humans and demi-humans, especially adventurers. Bronze dragons thrive on simple challenges such as riddles and harmless contests. They are fascinated by warfare and will eagerly join an army if the cause is just and the pay is good. 

In one of my latest games I started running a Bronze Dragon as a polymorph, I hadn't planned on much else other than for him to follow & and observe.  It makes a handy little plot device.

I also quite like the idea of the Steel Dragon, just wandering amongst the commoners in a town or city.  He could be the merchant, the old coot, the beggar, the captain of the guard.   All very handy plot devices.  Keep that in mind, and remember its Dungeons & Dragons, but that doesn't necessarily mean the heroes;'s have to fight them!  Although if they are dumb enough to take on one of the above Wyrms, if it materializes in front of them.  Well then.....

 *Hahahha  New Name for D&D Retro Clone - Vile & Vicious 

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